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Strategically located on two streets in Salice Terme making a corner, one of them the main road - Viale Terme - at the “welcome door” of the village.

The aim of restructuring is to create a 4-star hotel with every comfort, 35 rooms about to become a real landmark for Salice Terme and province: if it is true that Salice Terme expresses its best with thermal water and Green (read: the oasis of the park), the structure provides a complementary Spa at the Thermal Center, a roof garden with water features and “games”, a small green oasis under the stars for convivial meetings or dining during the summer, with a restaurant as a reference as well.

There will also be 4 multifunctional rooms for meetings, events, birthdays and so on.

An indoor dining room for over 150 people is well suited to ceremonial events and refreshments, along with the summer of outdoor living spaces and the roof garden already mentioned (which would double the capacity of receptivity).

Home automation in support of the structure should differentiate the hotel is due to customers (with automatic adjustment of the temperature in your room or why not, with custom scents in the room at the entrance to a unique sensory experience) but also a key factor for management optimizing the management costs.

The hotel is setting up a geographically strategic place. Through the notes of roads and railways is located one hour from Milan (read EXPO 2015), Genoa and Turin. The famous Outlet in Serravalle is just at almost 20 minutes. Shuttle bus to and from airports will be strategic to connect to any international hub.

The known structures of evening entertainment (ice cream parlors, discos, entertainment) make Salice Terme a reference point for young people, transforming the town into a concrete meeting point similar to more famous Adriatic destinations during summer period. More, to a network of local resources can not be mentioned: in addition to the Thermal Center (the true heart of the town), the Golf Club, the century-old park with a swimming pool on the Lido, the airport, the nearby tracks like “Motodromo” or “7 Lakes circuit”, or near the Ranch ... as well as the countless producers of wines and local products (not only the salami ...) imagine could be the opportunity to appeal for a moment of relaxation rather than an outlet for sports, a simple experience in contact with nature or culinary taste.

The upcoming projects about the local Acquapark, the organization of musical and cultural events as well as the expansion of the final structure and properties of Thermal Center make all the actors involved optimiste to be always able to be attractive for people about welfare, health and quality of life.

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Relax and Business Hotel

Salice Terme

In the heart of Oltrepò Pavese, a land famous for its prestigious wine production, Salice Terme is one of the most recognized Italian Thermal resorts.

About an hour's drive from major metropolitan areas of...

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COGEAL SRL, Viale Terme 147, 27052 Godiasco Salice Terme (PV), Italia


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